Around the Barnyard: Farm Animals & Your Health

For many children, visiting a farm with family or school is a right of passage. Farms provide the real-life experience of hearing the “mooooos” and “baaahhhs” children imitate from books and songs. Sometimes, visitors can pet friendly farm animals, enriching their understanding of the world’s creatures and where food comes from. Despite the many benefits […]

Just a Few More Days to Cast Your Vote!

Who has the cutest pet on Capitol Hill? Will it be a big dog or a lap dog? A frisky cat or a cuddly kitten? A rooster or a tortoise?  Voting is open until Monday, September 9. Cast your vote now! VOTE NOW

Pocket Pets: So Small, But Still a Big Responsibility

Pocket Pets: So Small, But Still a Big Responsibility Mammals so small they can fit in your pocket are an attractive option for those looking to add a pet to their lives. But just like larger, more commonly-found cats and dogs, pocket pets come with important health, habitat, and care needs. Learn more about how […]

Dogs Around the World: Celebrating International Dog Day

Dogs all over the globe are man’s best friend, but owning a dog is so much more than companionship. Dogs can help us be more active, improve our mood, and help us feel safer. International Dog Day celebrates the deep connection between canines and humans; here are some fun facts about dogs around the world: […]

Cast Your Vote for the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill

For more than ten years, AHI has celebrated pets by hosting a friendly, non-partisan contest to elect the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill. Congressional judges have selected the 2019 finalists, and the public is invited to vote for their favorites. Winners will be announced on September 18 at Pet Night on Capitol Hill. VOTE HERE

Backyard Buddies: Protecting the Health of Wildlife and People

Observing wildlife near our homes or in public spaces like parks can be interesting, calming, even inspiring. It helps us feel connected to nature and can provide a respite from the stress of modern life. But it’s important that humans observe and respect wildlife from afar since contact between wildlife and humans or domesticated animals […]

International Cat Day: Celebrating Our Love for Cats, All Over the World

Pet love is global: more than half of people internationally have a pet living with them. Argentina, Mexico and Brazil have highest percentage of pet owners, followed by Russia and USA. One third of the pet-owning households in the US own a cat, and it’s easy to understand why. Cats are great for families, they […]

CDC: Dogs & People – A Deep Bond

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation as man’s best friend – their loyalty and affection for their humans is easy to spot. And with dogs in more than 60 million households, they can easily claim status as the country’s most popular pet. But dogs are more than loveable and fun: research has found that dog owners […]

CDC: Cats & People – a Beneficial Relationship

There’s a reason social media is exploding with funny cat videos: Americans love their cats, and cats love to show why their worthy of our attention. More than 47 million households have cats, and cats are credited with improving their owners’ moods, moral, and sociability. Even though cats provide many benefits for their owners, both […]

CDC: Healthy Animals, Healthy People

We at the Animal Health Institute are not the only ones who are focused on the human-animal connection. Scientists and medical professionals at universities, in private practice, and in government agencies study, monitor, and seek to continuously increase understanding of the relationship between animal health and human health. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and […]