Have you ever heard a horse cough?

With lungs almost twice the size of cattle lungs, horses have extremely large respiratory reserves. Unfortunately, horses are also susceptible to respiratory diseases that fall under the spectrum of equine asthma, such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) and inflammatory airway disease (IAD). Environmental factors such as pollen, poor air quality, and organic dust can irritate […]

Myth or Fact: Small Dogs are More Aggressive Than Large Dogs?

It’s true, small dogs behave very differently than large dogs. But why? Experts explain.

Tips for Traveling with Pets

  As animals become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it’s not surprising that more and more people want to include their pets when they travel. To ensure your pet’s health and well-being, it’s important to research and properly prepare for potential trips with pets, including providing documentation of their latest vaccinations. Learn more from […]

Push Back on Food Allergies by Getting a Pet

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but pet ownership can reduce food allergies in children. Learn why.

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Want to get your cat’s attention, but your cat’s not having it? You may need to work on your audio and visual cues.

Animal Health Is an Economic Driver

The total economic impact of the animal health industry includes the direct contributions of animal health manufacturers that operate in the U.S. plus activity generated by industries that rely on healthy animals, such as animal production, meat and dairy manufacturing, veterinary services, and pet services.  

 Pet Ownership Saves Billions in Human Healthcare

Pets contribute positively to public health, and research indicates that pet ownership saves the U.S. healthcare system about $22.7 billion annually.

Do These Things to Increase Your Dog’s Longevity

The factors that boost dog health and longevity aren’t that different from those that benefit humans. Just like us, dogs with better social companionship, lower weight, and more physical activity lead longer, healthier lives.

Keep Pets Safe During Halloween Fun

Our pets are like family, so naturally we want to include them in one of the most fun holidays of the year, right? Depending on your pet, Halloween can be overwhelming or present too many opportunities for mischief. Avoid the drama by checking out these simple tips to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Pet Ownership Has Health Benefits for Seniors

Our pets show us unconditional love and support, and they can also be good for our health, especially as we age. The emotional support and activity involved with caring for a pet can  lower stress and improve heart health in seniors.