The Connection Between Infrastructure & Animal Heath

Digital technologies help detect, diagnose, and even treat sick animals. But for those technologies to work, broadband infrastructure must be in place and reliable. Learn more about the connection between infrastructure and animal health.

Veterinarians & Food Safety

Veterinarians do more than help keep our companion animals healthy and happy, they also play a vital role in ensuring our food supply is safe. Veterinarians protect the health and welfare of animals that produce meat, eggs, milk, and other proteins. They are involved in the surveillance, prevention, control, and treatment of diseases that threaten […]

Did You Know Cameras Can Help Keep Animals Healthy?

Remote monitoring such as cameras, microphones, and sensors can produce accurate, real-time data about animal wellbeing. This surveillance can be applied to livestock pens without the need for additional staff. For pets, smart collars enable owners to continuously monitor health data that can be used to optimize care. Learn more here.

Livestock Veterinarians Help Animals & People

From warding off diseases to treating injuries to ensuring milk, eggs, and meat are safe for people to eat, veterinarians help animals and people every day. Read more for a day in the life of a livestock veterinarian.

Smart Tags for Animals Can Help Veterinarians Stop the Spread of Disease

The digital technology in smart tags and sensors enables earlier diagnostics and targeted treatments, potentially restricting illnesses to single animals before they spread throughout herds. These devices can also provide consistent, real-time evaluation of livestock. Learn more here.

Facilitating Social Capital: How Pets Connect People

We all know the relationship between pets and their people provides countess benefits, but did you know that pets can connect people to each other? Read on for more about how the presence of pets build trust between people.

Digital Technology Can Help Practitioners Treat Large Groups of Animals

Automation, greater connectivity, and more health data enables earlier diagnosis of animal disease and more accurate treatment. This allows veterinary medicine more efficiently and precisely offer individualized care to large groups of animals. Learn more here

We Know Our Dogs Love Us, But Do They Remember Us?

New research dives into the nature and depth of canine memory. Take a look into what we believe dogs remember, and what we’re not so sure about.

Animal Medicines are Tightly Regulated

Before they can be manufactured or marketed, animal medicines are subject to the same rigorous approval processes as human medicines. Once approved, animal medicines remain heavily regulated and are subject to strict laws that protect animals, humans, and the environment. Watch more here.

Positive News: Pets & the Brain

According to a new study, “…pets could buffer or have a protective effect on older adults’ cognition and we think it has to do with some of the mechanism related to stress buffering,” said Jennifer Applebaum, a doctoral candidate in sociology and National Institutes of Health predoctoral Fellow at the University of Florida. Read more.