Equine Therapy for Veterans

The Veterans Administration in Texas has found that connecting veterans with horses provides meaningful benefits by fostering community engagement, promoting resilience, and raising the overall spirits of veterans, their families, and VA employees.  Read more.

Big Life Changes to Expect and the Benefits of Having a Dog

There are so many benefits of having a dog. Of course, there’s the obvious benefits like extra exercise and a best friend for life, but they can also improve your physical and mental health! All this greatness also comes with some lifestyle changes, however. It’s known far and wide that dogs are man’s best friend. […]

Why are dogs so loyal?

There is no denying that one of your dog’s most defining traits is their loyalty. This loyalty can be overwhelming and humbling, and has often been cited as an example of what human beings can learn from dogs. But life lessons aside, where does your dog’s loyalty come from? Yes, you feed them and play […]

New Study Reveals the Many Benefits of Having a Dog

A new study has revealed that there are many benefits of a dog that some of us might not have considered. A poll of 1,265 dog owners in the UK was commissioned by Purina and has revealed the positive impact that owning a dog can have on your mental and physical health and social life. […]

More than Puppy Love: Pets Can Improve Heart Health

Studies show that having a pet, particularly a dog or cat, can improve cardiovascular health. The physical activity involved in caring for a pet can contribute to the release of endorphins, also known as “feel-good” hormones. The combination of activity and stress reduction can result in lower blood pressure and decreased levels of cholesterol. Read […]

Puppies & Books, What More Could a Kid Want?

A first-grade teacher in Delaware is bringing foster puppies to her classroom to help with reading time. The results are heartwarming and encouraging for both studies and puppies.

We Keep 10.5 Billion Animals Healthy

The animal health industry serves nearly 400 million companion animals and more than 10 billion food-producing animals. Animal health products help domestic, farm, and performance animals, including dogs, cats, cattle, poultry, swine, and horses. Learn more.

Pets Do More Than Warm Our Hearts; They’re Good for Our Brains

Pet owners know how important our furry and feathered friends are for companionship and connection, and research shows pets are also good for our minds. Pet ownership has been connected to higher cognition, larger brain structure, and reduced brain age. Check out the science behind pet ownership and brain health.

Climate Change + Pet Parasites = A Bad Combination

As climate patterns shift across the country, the breeding season and geographic reach of parasites has grown.  Parasite infection rates have risen each of the past five years, up 20% from 2013 levels.

The science of reducing stress with dogs

Spending quality time with dogs reduces stress and increases the power of brain waves associated with relaxation and concentration, according to a study published on March 13, 2024 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Onyoo Yoo from Konkuk University, South Korea, and colleagues. Animal-assisted interventions, like canine therapy, are widely used in hospitals, schools, and beyond to […]