AHI Position on Arizona’s mRNA Labeling Legislation

April 14, 2024 — AHI encourages Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs to veto SB 1146, a bill that disparages life-saving vaccine technology by allowing food products from aquaculture, livestock, and poultry to be labeled “mRNA free” if the animals did not receive mRNA vaccinations.  Labeling food mRNA free would be sending a false message to consumers. […]

AHI Welcomes FDA Action on Unapproved Drugs

(December 14, 2023) AHI welcomes the announcement of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) action to issue warning letters to nine manufacturers and distributors who were marketing unapproved and misbranded antimicrobial animal drugs. This action is consistent with the work done by animal drug companies and FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) to advance antimicrobial […]

Congress Supports Animal Health with Passage of ADUFA

The Animal Health Institute today praised Congress for passing the reauthorization of the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA).  ADUFA provides the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) with supplemental industry funds in exchange for meeting agreed-upon performance goals.  Originally established in 2004, this is the fifth authorization. AHI thanks the House […]

Alert: Ticks Can Cause Food Allergies

CDC data reveals that an aggressive tick may be the culprit in the increased instances of alpha-gal syndrome, or red-meat allergy, a potentially life-threatening condition that affects up to 450,000 people in the U.S. Carried by the lone star tick, those with red-meat allergy have reactions to meat such as beef, pork, and lamb. The […]


Washington, D.C. – March 30, 2023. The Animal Health Institute (AHI) joined veterinary medical experts to present testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the reauthorization of the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA). Dr. Rachel Cumberbatch, AHI Director of International and Regulatory Affairs, urged Congress to swiftly reauthorize the bill that enables […]

AHI Supports FDA Restructuring Announcement

January 31, 2023 The Animal Health Institute supports the restructuring announced by Food and Drug Commissioner Robert M. Califf. The new structure maintains the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) as a stand-alone center while coordinating its food safety activities with the new Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods. “This is a practical and common-sense approach that […]

Animal Health Industry Reaches All-time High

A new study from NDP Analytics, The Economic and Social Contributions of the Animal Health Industry, details the growth of the animal health industry over the past three years and documents the value and role that the companies that produce animal medicines play in the U.S. economy and beyond. As other industries struggled because of […]

Omnibus Bill Contains Good News for Pet Health

The Animal Health Institute is grateful that Congress has reauthorized the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA 5) by including it in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023. PRIA provides necessary resources to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). The legislation will supplement annual appropriations for OPP with additional funding from […]

AHI Makes the Case for ADUFA V

At the December 7, 2022, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public meeting on the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA), AHI President and CEO Alex Mathews urged Congress to quickly enact ADUFA V, stating that the new agreement between industry and the FDA provides opportunities for improvements to the twenty year old program.  ADUFA must […]

AHI Welcomes new Chairman of the Board, Tim Bettington

We are excited to announce that the AHI Board of Directors today elected Tim Bettington as the new Chairman of the Board. Bettington is executive vice president and president, U.S. Operations and Global Customer Experience for Zoetis. A native of Australia, Bettington brings a deep background in animal health with more than 20 years of […]