AHI Comments in Support of Free Trade

Free trade plays an important role in ensuring food security around the globe, fostering peace between countries, and supporting strong economic growth. At a time of economic transformation and geopolitical instability, commitment to rules-based trade policies is critically important. That’s why we are concerned about a recent proposal by the European Union on Mirror Clauses […]

Pet Owners Beware: Flea & More Tick Outbreaks Expected in 2022

As a result of climate change, parasites are on the move, spreading into areas of the country that historically have had lower prevalence rates and bringing vector-borne diseases with them. The Companion Animal Parasite Control Council predicts that instances of heartworms will be higher than average in 2022 and that the geographic footprint of Lyme […]

Animal Medicines & Compounding: Ask Your Veterinarian

Safe and effective medicines are important tools for veterinarians, and the FDA is tasked with ensuring those tools that are allowed in the marketplace will improve and protect animal health.   If used correctly and legally, the process of compounding, which is the manipulation of an approved drug to meet the medical needs of a […]

AHI Comment on the 2020 Antibiotics Sales Report

Each year animal health companies report to the Food and Drug Administration the amount of antibiotics sold in the United States.  The antibiotics are used to prevent, control, or treat bacterial infections in animals.  Both veterinarians and farmers rely on these products to keep animals healthy. This year’s report, which covers 2020, shows the sale […]

No, Hippos Are Not People, Too

Recently, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) claimed that a group of hippos in Columbia were the first animals to be designated as persons by a U.S. Court. Well, not so fast. As explained in an analysis by Phil Goldberg of the law firm Shook, Hardy and Bacon, the court did no such thing. Other […]

AHI Applauds Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

A digital revolution in animal health is underway as new technologies are developed to predict, monitor, and diagnose animal disease.  The development of these digital technologies puts new tools in the hands of veterinarians and animal owners to help prevent illnesses and manage health conditions before they occur. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize […]

The Maryland Supreme Court Got it Right in Pet Case

AHI agrees with a recent ruling by the Maryland Supreme Court: pet owners should be justly compensated when they suffer financial losses when a pet is harmed, but allowing plaintiffs to get large, emotion-based awards would create barriers for many responsible, loving pet owners to remain so. Laws that seek to change the legal status […]

AHI Signs Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture During Covid-19 & Beyond

The coronavirus crisis has brought into focus the incredible public health challenge our world faces, and nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in food production. Nourishing the world during this crisis is a top priority across nations. Our world needs the contributions of livestock. Globally, 1.3 billion people depend on livestock for their employmenti, […]

Animal Health Sector Actions on COVID-19

Animal Health Sector Actions on COVID-19 April 8, 2020 The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented public health crisis creating hardships for communities everywhere — the medical challenges, the isolation, the economic pressures, the strains on everyday goods and more. At the same time, it is heartening to see people around the country stepping up […]

Including Animal Health Companies and Employees as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic Response

March 21, 2020 As governments at all levels consider various options of restricting movement of personnel in public and private entities, we ask that the Animal Health Industry and related distribution be considered an essential business and service and be exempt from gathering bans and curfews. As already noted by the President, critical infrastructure industries […]