One Health

Healthy animals mean healthy people

Animal Medicines

Essential tools for health and wellbeing

The Animal Health Industry

High impact economic and social contributions

Animal Health Innovation

Investing in exciting innovations

Animal Health Issues

The policies that keep animals healthy are thorough and multi-faceted; we are on the frontlines of safeguarding animal welfare, food safety, and human health as related to animals.

Animal Antibiotics

Doctors and veterinarians work together to address antibiotic resistance

Pet Affordability

Protecting pet welfare and affordability through appropriate legal frameworks

Animal Medicine Compounding

Making sure medicines are used safely

International Trade

Global markets and policies have a big impact on U.S. animal health and food safety

Approval and Regulation of Animal Medicines

Like human medicines, animal medicines are carefully regulated.

Future of Animal Medicine

Animal diseases constantly evolve.

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The digital technology in smart tags & sensors enables earlier diagnostics & targeted treatments, potentially restricting illnesses to animals before they spread. These devices can also provide consistent, real-time evaluation of #livestock. Learn more:

About Animal Health Institute

The Animal Health Institute (AHI) represents the companies that develop and produce animal medicines. Our industry is a global leader whose products improve the health of nearly 10 billion companion and food-producing animals in the U.S., which results in significant economic and social benefits for Americans.