Celebrating International Cat Day

Has there ever been a better time to celebrate our pets? August is 8 is International Cat Day, so take a moment to recognize what cat owners around the world know: we’re better because of our furry friends. Read more here. 

How Pets Can Boost Your Mood & Keep Your Brain Healthy

Therapy animals have long been the trusted companions of people with disabilities. Now, animals of all kinds are proving their value to individuals dealing with a wide range of conditions, including depression and even dementia. Read more from the Cleveland Clinic.    

Understanding “Dog Years”

“How old is your dog in human years?” That’s a question that most dog owners answer using the “multiply by 7” rule. Keep reading to learn more.  

What You Need to Know About Animal Health & Young Children

Children and animals are a great combination, and research has found that growing up with pets is linked to higher self-esteem, cognitive development, and social skills. But diseases can travel between animals and humans, and children under five years of age can be particularly vulnerable to germs and illnesses from animals. The CDC has helpful […]

Virtual Veterinarians Keep Animals Healthy During the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the healthcare industry, doctors and patients have migrated to telemedicine to resolve non-emergency health issues, including veterinarians. Take a look at how it works.

The Importance of Maintaining Pet Hydration

Rising summer temperatures mean pet owners should be extra vigilant when it comes to ensuring their pets get the right amount of water. July is National Pet Hydration Month, which is a great opportunity to learn more about dehydration and over-hydration.  Read here to learn more.

Helping Your Dog When Work From Home Ends

With restrictions easing, many are gearing up to head back to the office. While your cats will likely be just fine with this, most dogs will go through a period of adjustment. Read more to learn how you can help ease your dog’s separation anxiety as you prepare for this transition.

World Zoonosis Day: Understanding the Animal & Human Health Connection

Renowned scientist Louis Pasteur revolutionized modern medical treatments, and his use of vaccines to prevent zoonosis, or the transmission of diseases between animals and humans, is perhaps his most relevant contribution to our modern life today. On July 6, 1885, Pasteur successfully administered the first vaccine against Rabies. We commemorate this breakthrough each year with […]

Understanding COVID-19 and Pets

As COVID- 19 began spreading throughout the U.S. earlier this year, pet owners asked if they could give the novel coronavirus to their pets, or if their pets could infect them. Researchers at Washington State University and the University of Washington are trying to find an answer we can count on by determining how companion […]

Could Virus-Sniffing Dogs Help Prevent COVID-19 from Spreading?

When it comes to stopping the spread of Coronavirus, it’s all paws on deck as scientists around the world look for solutions. Specially trained dogs have long been employed to detect medical conditions in humans, and now researchers are working to determine if these dogs’ skills can be applied to COVID-19. Read more here.