February is responsible pet owner month

When you love your pet, you’ll do anything to keep them safe and healthy. February is Responsible Pet Owner Month, so check out these tips.

The U.S. needs rural veterinarians

A report from the Farm Journal Foundation details the persistent shortfall of veterinarians in America, particularly those that treat livestock. In addition to potentially impairing the health of animals, the lack of veterinarians threatens public health, food safety, food availability, and economic growth.

Bacteria eating viruses can reduce the need for antibiotics

Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat to human and animal health, and the animal health industry is aggressively researching new ways to target bacteria without using antibiotics. Bacteriophages can narrowly target specific bacteria to address infections. These ‘bacteria eaters’ are viruses that infect and destroy bacteria, which reduces the need for antibiotics. Learn more here.

The animal health industry reaches an all-time high

Increased demand for protein food, prevalence of zoonotic and food-borne diseases, advancements in medications, and pet ownership pushed the animal health market to $13.8 billion in 2021. Learn  more. 

Pets are living longer

Pet life expectancy has increased. Each pet is different, but researchers have identified the key factors that are driving the overall increase in pets’ life expectancy. Read more from Health for Animals.

Animal health connects public health, food safety, and sustainability

The animal health industry is committed to developing therapies that reduce animal suffering and improve animal well-being, but we need a more flexible, efficient, and productive regulatory review process that includes recognition of data that is submitted to other competent regulatory agencies around the world. The high cost and extended time required to gain approvals […]

Promising alternatives to antibiotics are on the horizon

  Antibiotics are the cornerstone of modern medicine and public health, offering protection against infectious disease. New compounds that offer a novel way to target bacteria without using antibiotics are among the most valuable potential innovations in the animal health sector. Learn more here.

Can dogs see in the dark?

It’s not your imagination: dogs can spot things in the dark more easily than humans. Dog eyes are different from human eyes in many ways, including special adaptations that allow them to see better at night. Learn about canine eyesight and their “night vision”.

New report details growth of animal health industry

A new study from NDP Analytics, The Economic and Social Contributions of the Animal Health Industry, details the growth of the animal health industry over the past three years and documents the value of the companies that produce animal medicines. As other industries struggled because of COVID-19 restrictions and supply chain disruptions, the animal health […]

Why is my cat shaking its head?

Why is my cat shaking its head? It’s normal for cats to shake their heads, but frequent head shaking could indicate an underlying health issue. From ear infections to mites to polyps, your veterinarian can help identify the cause of frequent head shakes. Learn more about causes and treatment options.