How Vaccines Save Lives

Widespread use of immunizations has been one of the greatest public health achievements of the past century, saving countless lives and preventing suffering that can accompany illness. Humans and animals alike have benefitted from vaccines, which prevent disease outbreaks and can even eradicate illnesses that were once deadly. Learn more about the importance of vaccines […]

When it Comes to Health, We’re All Connected

One Health recognizes the intersection between the health of humans and the health of all animals – pets, livestock, and wildlife, as well as their environments. The responsible use of animal medicines to advance efforts to prevent and manage disease is an important focus for One Health. Learn more about One Health from the CDC.

Animal Vaccines & Public Health

Pet owners, veterinarians, and farmers and ranchers are united in their desire to keep their animals healthy and reduce their suffering, and vaccines are one of the top tools for achieving this goal. Vaccines are a safe, proven way to protect animals from diseases like rabies, parvovirus, and E. coli. This in turn, helps protect […]

Resolving to be More Healthy in 2021? Your Pet Can Help

The end of 2020 has prompted even more people to resolve to adopt healthier habits in the new year. It turns out that a pet can help you meet those resolutions. Learn more about research about pets and cardiovascular health here.

One Health in Action: Veterinarians Vaccinate Animals to Slow Virus Outbreaks

Rift Valley Fever is a mosquito-borne illness found in Africa that can infect humans and animals, causing blindness, encephalitis, and even death. Vaccinating animals against the virus breaks the chain of transmission, which leads to fewer infections and a safer food supply. Read the CDC case study here.

Appreciating Veterinarians

  Animals rely on us to protect them from threats of disease and safeguard their wellbeing. Around the world, veterinarians are essential workers who help pet owners and livestock producers keep animals healthy, which in turn helps keep humans healthy. Yet the reach and impact of veterinarians can be hard to grasp because they are […]

How Veterinarians Use Antibiotics to Keep Animals Healthy

Antibiotics are important tools for keeping animals healthy. Veterinarians are dedicated to the well-being of the animals, and they are trained to carefully administer and monitor antibiotic use in the animals in their care. Learn more from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Roadmap to Reducing the Need for Antibiotics

The ability to manage and control animal disease has profound consequences for human health, from ensuring the safety of our food to reducing the risk of bacterial diseases. The animal health industry is committed to reducing the need for antibiotics, as detailed in this Roadmap.

Animal Antibiotics – FAQs

Antibiotics are essential for combating animal disease. There is simply no other way to treat a bacterial infection. But, antibiotic resistance is a serious challenge, so it’s important to understand the role of antibiotics and how we can best use them. Check out these FAQs to learn about animal antibiotics.

We Can All Do Our Part to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance

  The animal health industry is committed to protecting the health of all animals and people by producing safe products and ensuring they are used responsibly. We work with governments, the medical community, and leading scientists to reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance by reducing the need for antibiotics in the first place. This means […]