Positive News: Pets & the Brain

According to research, “…pets could buffer or have a protective effect on older adults’ cognition and we think it has to do with some of the mechanism related to stress buffering,” said Jennifer Applebaum, a doctoral candidate in sociology and National Institutes of Health predoctoral Fellow at the University of Florida. Read more.

Animal Health is Among the Most Innovative Industries in the U.S.

The total economic impact of our industry includes the direct contributions of animal health manufacturers that operate in the U.S. plus activity generated by industries that rely on healthy animals, such as animal production, meat and dairy product manufacturing, veterinary services, and pet services. Learn more.

Love your pet? Visit the vet

  Animals rely on us to protect them from threats of disease and safeguard their wellbeing, and veterinarians are essential to helping pet owners keep animals healthy. Learn more.

Protecting pets protects us

Animal health products help us care for pets, and pets help care for us. Maintaining healthy pets improves the quality of life for our animal companions, which enables pets to provide humans with emotional and physical benefits. Learn more. 

Distemper in dogs, explained

Distemper is a highly contagious virus that attacks many systems throughout your dog. Since there currently is no cure for distemper, prevention is essential.

Why the Cough, Kitty?

 Cats sometimes cough for the same reason we do – allergies, a common cold, or an obstruction in the throat. Coughing could also signify a more severe condition, so it’s important to understand what causes coughing and how to treat it.

My Dog, Myself

You and your dog may be more alike than you think. Research shows that pet owners pick pets who have the same personality as their own.  

Cats Can Smell Better Than Dogs

You read that right: cats have an exceedingly sharp sense of smell, and they can even smell better than dogs. They use their nose as a tool for receiving information, not just smelling food.

Did I Hear You Talking to Your Cat?

Do not fret, it’s not unusual to talk to your pet! Fifty-five percent of dog and cat owners say they hold conversations with their pets, and forty-eight percent of pet owners confess to telling their pets their deepest secrets.

Celebrating Veterinarians

Celebrating Veterinarians For the International Day of Veterinary Medicine, we celebrate the profession whose impact reaches far beyond caring for animals. They stop zoonotic diseases before they reach people and provide frontline care to the millions of animals on which countless people globally depend for livelihood and wellbeing.