The Benefits of Fostering a Cat

More self-sufficient than dogs but social enough to regularly and warmly engage with people, cats can be quite effective in easing human loneliness. Learn about a pilot study.

Deepen the Connection With Your Dog

Dogs love their people so much, it can feel like there’s no need to take steps to strengthen the connection between canines and humans. But a few simple actions can help your dog and also help your own mental health.

Stopping the Spread of African Swine Fever

  African Swine Fever spreads rapidly and has extremely high mortality rates. While the virus is no threat to human health, it could devastate America’s swine, pork, and food supply. The animal health industry is working to develop vaccines to protect pigs from this terrible disease. Learn more here.

Looking To Improve Your Quality of Life? Try Getting a Pet

  Research indicates that pet owners report higher lifer satisfaction than non-owners. Check out the findings.

Animal Health Connects Public Health, Food Safety, & Sustainability

  The animal health industry is committed to developing therapies that reduce animal suffering and improve animal well-being, but we need a more flexible, efficient, and productive regulatory review process that includes recognition of data that is submitted to other competent regulatory agencies around the world. The high cost and extended time required to gain […]

Animal Chronicles: Heartworm disease in our pets

You may have heard of heartworms, but what exactly are they and what health problems can they cause in pets? Heartworms are exactly that: long worms (up to 14 inches, in fact) that, in adulthood, live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected dog. These are very different than other types of parasitic […]

AHI Position on Arizona’s mRNA Labeling Legislation

April 14, 2024 — AHI encourages Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs to veto SB 1146, a bill that disparages life-saving vaccine technology by allowing food products from aquaculture, livestock, and poultry to be labeled “mRNA free” if the animals did not receive mRNA vaccinations.  Labeling food mRNA free would be sending a false message to consumers. […]

More Pets Mean Greater Focus on Animal Health

The human population is fast-growing, but so is the number of pets and livestock worldwide, making animal health more important than ever. It is estimated that more than half of the global population has a pet at home, with dogs being the most popular pet, closely followed by cats.

Healthy Animals Are Connected to More Efficient Land Use

When animals are sick, they require more land. A global study has found significant associative relationships between disease levels, vaccination rates, and land use: When 20% of poultry globally are affected by disease each year, 8.6% more land is estimated to be necessary to maintain expected production levels. A 40% global vaccination rate for cattle […]

Do you know the signs of heart conditions in cats?

  Cats can have heart problems just like humans, but recognizing heart issues in cats can be tricky because they are good at hiding pain. Familiarize yourself with possible symptoms of common heart conditions and treatments to ensure a happy and healthy life for your cat.