Rabies Remains a Global Threat

Around the world, 60,000 people die each year from rabies, most of them children under the age of 15. Every single one of these deaths is preventable. Administering the effective vaccine to dogs can stop the spread of this deadly infection is a public health priority. Here in the U.S., the rabies vaccine for pets […]

Understanding Zoonoses

Zoonoses are diseases that can spread between animals and humans, such as avian flu, rabies, and Rift Valley Fever. Safeguarding animal health is a critical component of stopping the spread of zoonotic diseases.    

Understanding Cancer in Pets Can Help Human Cancer Research

Cancer is a leading cause of death for cats and dogs. Since domesticated cats and dogs share 85% of the same DNA as humans, and we are all susceptible to many of the same diseases, accordingly, research into cancer in cats and dogs can provide clues about human illnesses. As with people, cancer develops over time, and […]

AHI Announces Winners of the 2023 Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest

  Congratulations to Sandwich the dog, Henry the cat, and Razz the horse for winning the 2023 Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest. “The Cutest Pets Contest, held in conjunction with HABRI’s Pet Night on Capitol Hill, is a longstanding favorite event on the Hill where we celebrate the bond between people and their pets, […]

Climate Change + Pet Parasites = A Bad Combination

As climate patterns shift across the country, the breeding season and geographic reach of parasites has grown.  Parasite infection rates have risen each of the past five years, up 20% from 2013 levels.

Equine-assisted therapy and therapeutic riding embraces the magic of human-horse bonds

The healing qualities of animal companionship are hard to deny. From veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to people who have seizures, all kinds of people can get help from animals to cope with different mental and physical issues. Emotional support dogs are a familiar concept to many, but medical professionals are also starting to […]

Horses Can Help with Anxiety

Spending time with our equine friends offers more than the opportunity to spend time outdoors—it can help relieve anxiety. Horses have a proven capacity to recognize and respond to human emotions, which makes them a unique partner in managing mood.

More than Just Cuteness

Pets are so cute we can’t help but love them, but the benefits of owning a pet reach far beyond the cuddle factor. Research shows pets improve mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

Three-Legged Therapy Dog Brings Hope to Children With Limb Differences at Kentucky Hospital

A three-legged therapy dog is bringing hope to kids with limb differences at Shriners Children’s Lexington in Kentucky. According to People, the rescue dog visits kids in the hospital and helps them feel more confident in their bodies. Wounded pup gets second chance No one would’ve predicted that Chance would become a therapy dog. He was found with a […]

Canine friends help kids’ health, especially in the hospital

Few parents would question the benefits a dog brings to their child’s life. Exercise, a sense of responsibility, empathy, reduced anxiety and compassion are among just a few. Now, the healing benefits of a furry friend is evident with the increasing number of hospital dogs throughout the country — dogs that put in their eight-hour […]