Your Dog’s Mental Health Needs

Much is made about the ways dogs can boost the mental health of their people. But dogs have emotional health needs too.

Congress Hears About the Importance of Healthy Animals to the Planet

The Animal Health Institute explains the connection between healthy animals and a healthy planet.

From Pet to Parasite to People: Diseases on the Move

Pests create more problems than bites and irritation: one out of every four illnesses that move between animals and humans is linked to parasites that affect pets.

The Best Way to Pet a Dog

Loving our canine friends comes easily—they’re impossible to resist. But petting is a big deal to dogs, and it’s best to take into account how dogs experience your smell and touch. Learn more here.

Parasites & Dog Parks: What You Need to Know

A study has identified parasites in feces collected from 85% of dog parks visited across the U.S. The most common intestinal parasites that are found in dog parks include Giardia, whipworms, and hookworms, with lower infection rates of roundworms and tapeworms.

The Animal Health Institute Addresses Details of Proposed ADUFA Agreement

AHI testified before Congress about the proposed ADUFA agreement, essential legislation that will ensure the development of innovative drug therapies to address animal health. With nearly 70 percent of U.S. households owning a pet, keeping animals healthy is an issue that cuts across all geographic, demographic, and economic lines. Owners of America’s 192 million dogs […]

Protecting Animal Health is Good for People, Too

Animal health products protect pet health, and pets improve the mental and physical wellbeing of their human caretakers. During the pandemic, the emotional benefits of pets increased

Mothers are happier, more articulate with babies, puppies – study

Why do we articulate more when speaking to babies and puppies? If you’re a new mother and also have taken possession of a new puppy as a pet, you are certainly very busy. But another sure is that you speak to both newborns with the same type of articulation – using clear and distinct sounds and higher […]

Staying Ahead of Diseases that Jump Between Animals & People

Some diseases, such as West Nile virus and rabies, can spread between animals and people. Called zoonoses, these diseases account for approximately 75% of new and emerging human infectious diseases, the majority coming from wildlife. The CDC estimates that six out of 10 infectious diseases in humans can be spread from animals. Animal lovers and […]

Animal Medicines: Essential Tools for Animal Health

Medicines are essential for ensuring animal welfare, preventing diseases from passing between animals and humans, and protecting our food supply. There are three main types of animal medicine: biologics (which are predominately vaccines), pharmaceuticals, and flea and tick medications. Check out what the American Veterinary Medicine Association says about animal medicines.