Keeping Your Pet Safe on July 4th

Food on the grill and fireworks in the sky might be a top-notch time for humans, but our pets may not share our idea of fun. As July 4th approaches, take steps to ensure your pet is safe and secure.

Your cat is listening

It’s not your imagination. Your cat responds to your voice, especially if you use ‘baby talk.’ But research indicates cats are uniquely fixated on their owner’s talking, not strangers. Read more.

Pets & antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is an important public health issue, which is why those that develop and administer antibiotics do so with near and long term public health in mind. If your pet is diagnosed with a disease requiring antibiotics, talk to your veterinarian about proper and responsible use of the medicine. Learn more from the Centers […]

Important News About Cats & Heartworms

Cats can get heartworms, just like dogs. But unlike dogs, there is no FDA-approved heartworm treatment for cats.

Veterinarians & animal antibiotics

Animals are vulnerable to some of the same bacterial infections as people, such as pneumonia and skin infections, and these infections can be treated with antibiotics. Just like in people, antibiotics are used in animals to treat, control, and prevent diseases, under the supervision of a medical professional. Learn more.

National Adopt a Cat Month – Why cats make great pets

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, which is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our feline friends. Cats may have a reputation for being aloof and independent, but they are some of the most loving and affectionate pets you can have. Adopting a cat is a rewarding experience, and helps to save the lives of thousands […]

Kids who live with pets may be less prone to food allergies, recent study shows—here’s what an allergist says

Parents tend to go back and forth about whether it’s safe for their newborn to be around pets, but it turns out that having one around during a child’s early stages of life may lower their chances of developing food allergies. A recent PLOS One study published in March found that exposure to cats and dogs while a […]

The benefits of creating a dog-friendly office

Creating a dog-friendly office environment is a rising trend in the UK, not least due to the considerable increase in dog ownership over the past few years. Whilst not without its challenges, allowing employees to bring their canine companions to work could be hugely beneficial to your entire organisation. 1. Reduces stress levels As many […]

New report links pet ownership with human health care savings

Pet ownership saves the US health care system $22.7 billion annually, according to report commissioned by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute A new economic report commissioned by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) examined the health care cost savings associated with pet ownership in the United States. Overall, the report found that pet […]

Understanding Zoonosis

The CDC estimates that 6 of 10 infectious diseases can be spread from animals, and animal medicines provide an important barrier between animals and people. Learn why it matters.