Keeping Pets Healthy During the Pandemic

AHI Veterinarian Will McCauley, DVM, reminds pet owners of the importance of regular veterinary care, even in the pandemic. “Many vet clinics throughout the country have put the right protocols in place to keep you and your pets safe during the pandemic. A lot of them are doing curbside appointment offerings that you need to […]

Beloved canine moves on after helping hospital staff through a year of the pandemic

(CNN) — Staff members at a Denver hospital have said a sad goodbye to Wynn, their canine companion for nearly two years and a presence during the Covid-19 pandemic that proved especially helpful. Wynn, a Labrador mix that’s going to become a service dog, walked out of the Rose Medical Center for the last time […]

Want to Help Give Your Pet a Long, Healthy Life? Vaccinate It!

    Just like humans, pets are susceptible to a wide range of diseases; and just like humans, vaccinations are a proven, safe way to avoid disease and maintain overall health. Widespread use of vaccines in the past 100 years has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. Veterinarians use different vaccines to inoculate […]

Pups lending a paw to UI police support team

URBANA — University of Illinois students suffering from mental issues or just overwhelmed by stress now have a fully dedicated team of police employees in place to help them. Some are trained in crisis intervention, others are licensed clinical social workers, a few know just the right place to get help and others have four […]

Keep Your Pets Safe From Covid-19

It’s been almost a year since most of us first heard the term “Covid-19,” and our understanding of this highly infectious disease has been evolving ever since. When it comes to keeping pets safe and healthy in this pandemic, check out the latest from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Pets Rely on Us to Protect them From the Cold

    When the weather is frightful but we must go outside, humans can simply add an extra layer, cover up with a cap, or wear waterproof shoes to keep us warm and dry. But our pets rely on us to take the necessary steps to protect them from winter weather. Even dogs and cats […]