The Power of Companion Animals and The Benefits of Fostering a Pet

Kristen Tump found remarkable success in her emerging business career but felt something was missing. That “something” was discovered eight years ago when she adopted her cat, Maddie, from Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter in Deerfield.

As a child, Kristen always wanted to work with animals, originally going to school as a pre-veterinary student. She began volunteering at Orphans of the Storm (OOTS) and “felt joy knowing I was part of a team that was there for the same purpose—to care for and better the lives of the animals. I knew I had found a home.”

Kristen, who serves as OOTS volunteer and event coordinator, supports the pet adoption services and the new pet fostering program, “which presents a wonderful opportunity for older adults, in particular, to connect with pets on a temporary basis,” she pointed out.

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