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Helping Your Dog When Work From Home Ends

With restrictions easing, many are gearing up to head back to the office. While your cats will likely be just fine with this, most dogs will go through a period of adjustment. Read more to learn how you can help ease your dog’s separation anxiety as you prepare for this transition.

World Zoonosis Day: Understanding the Animal & Human Health Connection

Renowned scientist Louis Pasteur revolutionized modern medical treatments, and his use of vaccines to prevent zoonosis, or the transmission of diseases between animals and humans, is perhaps his most relevant contribution to our modern life today. On July 6, 1885, Pasteur successfully administered the first vaccine against Rabies. We commemorate this breakthrough each year with […]

Understanding COVID-19 and Pets

As COVID- 19 began spreading throughout the U.S. earlier this year, pet owners asked if they could give the novel coronavirus to their pets, or if their pets could infect them. Researchers at Washington State University and the University of Washington are trying to find an answer we can count on by determining how companion […]

CDC: Dogs & People – A Deep Bond

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation as man’s best friend – their loyalty and affection for their humans is easy to spot. And with dogs in more than 60 million households, they can easily claim status as the country’s most popular pet. But dogs are more than loveable and fun: research has found that dog owners […]

FARM JOURNAL’S PORK: 6 Ways Pig Farming is Like Nursing

Andrea Graves had been a certified nursing assistant for 20 years, most recently in the Med-Surgery and Labor and Delivery department at Lucas County Health Center in Chariton. It was something she loved—tending to babies during their first, critical days of life. Every day she changed diapers, helped with feedings and kept her eagle eye […]

UW–MADISON NEWS: Veterinarians, physicians to jointly explore links between animal and human health

A physician, a veterinarian and a PhD researcher walk into a conference. At the event’s conclusion, the medical doctor says: “I had no idea there were veterinary cardiologists like there are human cardiologists.” This interaction occurred at a translational health summit coordinated by the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2018 on the […]