Is Your Pet the Ideal Weight?

Pets love their treats, but make sure those treats don’t add up. Helping your pet maintain a proper weight is part of keeping your pet healthy. Learn more from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

New Animal Vaccines Can Protect Animals

Vaccines have always been a cost-effective way to protect animal health, and new animal vaccines and delivery methods can prevent the need for treatment. Learn more about new vaccines here.

Pets show their power during pandemic and elsewhere

Owning or bonding with pets provided an even more important benefit to human well-being than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The value of companionship and emotional support that pets provide has become more significant during the pandemic,” said Dr. Fane Cross, veterinarian at the Routt County Humane Society Wellness Clinic. “People have become attached to […]

Pets can help people stay sharp as they age, new study finds. Here’s how

Your dog or cat might be better for your health than you realize, a new study found — especially as you get older. The benefits of owning a pet have been touted by researchers for years. A companion animal has the potential to decrease anxiety and loneliness, improve heart health and combat allergies, studies have […]

It’s All Positive: International Study Links Pets with Human Health Benefits

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute surveyed 16,000 dog and cat owners and 1,200 veterinarians across eight countries and four continents and found that the human animal bond is strong, that pets positively impact their owners’ health, and that stronger bonds are connected to improved veterinary care around the world. Read more here.

Novel Approaches to Preventing and Treating Infections can Reduce the Need for Antibiotics

Alternatives to antibiotics target bacteria in a similar manner as antibiotics to cure bacterial infection. The animal health sector has taken significant action in recent years to improve the responsible use of antibiotics while researching potential alternatives, including ambient cold plasmas, which use laser-like devices to prevent and treat infections. Learn more here.

AHI Comments in Support of Free Trade

Free trade plays an important role in ensuring food security around the globe, fostering peace between countries, and supporting strong economic growth. At a time of economic transformation and geopolitical instability, commitment to rules-based trade policies is critically important. That’s why we are concerned about a recent proposal by the European Union on Mirror Clauses […]

Pets & Childhood Development

Kids and pets are a great combination, but did you know that companion animals can be more than playmates for children? Research confirms that pets can boost overall childhood development, including physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspects. Learn more from HABRI.

Pet Owners Beware: Flea & More Tick Outbreaks Expected in 2022

As a result of climate change, parasites are on the move, spreading into areas of the country that historically have had lower prevalence rates and bringing vector-borne diseases with them. The Companion Animal Parasite Control Council predicts that instances of heartworms will be higher than average in 2022 and that the geographic footprint of Lyme […]

Bacteria Eating Viruses Can Reduce the Need for Antibiotics

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant global threat to human and animal health, and the animal health industry is aggressively researching new ways to target bacteria without using antibiotics. Bacteriophages can narrowly target specific bacteria to address infections. These ‘bacteria eaters’ are viruses that infect and destroy bacteria, which reduces the need for antibiotics. Learn more […]