Well-matched pets bring benefits

People reap many benefits from having a furry companion.

According to Amanda Miller, co-owner of affoGATO, a cat cafe in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, and Sunny Simon, director and founder of the South Euclid Humane Society in South Euclid, the benefits can range from mental changes to physical or lifestyle changes.

“Animals have a very healing presence and I’ve been doing rescue and adoption for so many years, so I’ve seen how animals can transform people’s lives,” said Simon, who is also Cuyahoga County Councilwoman for District 1. “Recently, we had someone just recovering from breast cancer surgery. They were able to adopt a kitten, which totally helped with the healing process to love something and take the attention off of their plight. Also, it’s about having someone to come home to and greet you.”

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Photo Credit: Foundry Co from Pixabay