UW–MADISON NEWS: Veterinarians, physicians to jointly explore links between animal and human health

A physician, a veterinarian and a PhD researcher walk into a conference. At the event’s conclusion, the medical doctor says: “I had no idea there were veterinary cardiologists like there are human cardiologists.”

This interaction occurred at a translational health summit coordinated by the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2018 on the topic of inherited cardiomyopathies — diseases of the heart muscle — in people, cats and dogs. Now, the SVM has been awarded a five-year, $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to further bolster efforts to bring physicians and veterinarians together in support of human and animal health.

“Our goal is to leverage the skills of veterinary specialists and bring them into research teams, helping physicians and PhD researchers see that many of the diseases they study also occur in animals, and what veterinarians know about these diseases in animals can help advance treatment in people,” says Lauren Trepanier, professor and assistant dean for clinical and translational research in the SVM.

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Photo Credit: Meghan Lepisto/UW–MADISON