THE NEW YORK TIMES: Rabies Kills Tens of Thousands Yearly. Vaccinating Dogs Could Stop It.

Seven young men sprinted down paths, darting behind houses and vaulting low walls. Each one carried a long-handled net.

From yards, alleys and streets the din of canine outrage filled the air, announcing the invasion of the neighborhood. Some dogs hid, others retreated a bit before resuming their chorus of barking. The most wary fled long before the catchers got near.

Too bad. Getting caught could be the best thing that ever happened to them. T-shirts emblazoned with a paw print logo are the uniform worn by the dogcatchers who work for Mission Rabies, and the team carries the canine rabies vaccine. Once given a shot, a dog should be safe for at least a year.

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Photo Credit: Atul Loke/The New York Times