SCIENCE ALERT: When It Comes to Dog vs Cat Brains, Science Might Have Found a Clear Winner

Ever since humanity split into dog and cat people, we’ve been arguing over which one of our beloved companions is a smarter species.

A study from 2017 mightn’t be the last word on the matter, but for those who think more neurons means more intelligence, it looks as if dogs stand out among carnivores for having a remarkably dense cerebral cortex.

An international team of researchers analysed the wrinkled outer layers of the brains of a variety of carnivorous animals – including dogs and cats – to determine whether the demands of hunting prey mean a higher count of cortical neurons, adding brain power where it counts.

On one hand, it would seem like a no-brainer – hunting prey requires special behaviours that you’d imagine would be neurologically taxing.

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Photo Credit: Chendongshan/Shutterstock