KOLD NEWS 13: Tucson ranks among the top 25 ‘best cities’ for pets

Residents in the Old Pueblo have long known how ‘pet friendly’ the city is and this newest ranking from Mars Petcare just confirms it.

According to a news release from Mars Petcare, the certification, created with assistance from the Civic Design Center, honors the work by the cities to create a friendly environment for both its two and four-legged citizens.

The Better Cities for Pets program works with local governments, businesses and non-profits to provide resources, tools and even grants to help make the communities more pet friendly.

“On behalf of Mars Petcare, I want to thank and congratulate the 25 cities that have prioritized people and pets in their communities,” said Mark Johnson, President of Mars Petcare North America, in the release. “From helping people live healthier lives to creating social connections, pets can truly transform our communities. These certified cities are helping to make a more pet-friendly world and we hope that many more cities will join us in this commitment.”

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Infographic credit: Tucson News Now