FARM JOURNAL’S PORK: 6 Ways Pig Farming is Like Nursing

Andrea Graves had been a certified nursing assistant for 20 years, most recently in the Med-Surgery and Labor and Delivery department at Lucas County Health Center in Chariton. It was something she loved—tending to babies during their first, critical days of life.

Every day she changed diapers, helped with feedings and kept her eagle eye on the newborns. Her warm smile and calm demeanor, coupled with years of experience, eased the nerves of more than a few apprehensive parents. She loved what she did, but wanted to advance in her career. With three little ones of her own, more schooling on top of a full-time job was not an option. Around that same time, her brother-in-law mentioned Iowa Select Farms had opened a new sow farm outside of Derby, Iowa.

“I don’t know farming like others do,” she thought to herself. “I’m not sure I’m cut out for it.”

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Photo Credit: Iowa Select Farms