Frontline workers get helping paw from “Dogtor” Loki

A therapy dog dubbed “Dogtor” Loki is being celebrated for going above and beyond in the line of duty. Read about the service dog that has been honored with an AKC Paw of Courage award.

World’s Oldest Cat Dies at Age 31

Rubble, the world’s oldest cat, has died at age 31: ‘He was an amazing companion,’ his owner says. Read more here. 

Oldest Golden Retriever in History Celebrates 20th Birthday – Virtually

With a dog-friendly cake and loved ones around her, August the golden retriever celebrated her birthday recently. But little did she know that as she licked the frosting off her cake, she was making history. Read about Auggie’s big day here.

Meet This Popular Essential Worker. And Give Her a Scratch Behind the Ear.

Children in the hospital lost many of their activities during Covid-19. More than ever, they rely on the contact and comfort of therapy dogs. Continue reading at The New York Times Photo Credit: Melissa Golden for The New York Times

Animal-assisted therapy offered virtually at hospice

Patients at Ohio’s Community Mercy Hospice in Springfield have been receiving animal-assisted therapy virtually through photos and videos during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here. 

Young Readers Keep Connecting With Canine Companions

In-person interactions are on hold because of the pandemic, but Tallahassee Memorial’s Animal Therapy program continues in a virtual format. Keep reading to learn more. 

Atlanta Vet Talks about Pets and COVID-19

Dr. Lance Hirsh claims there’s no need to fear pets will contract the virus or pass it to their owners because the incidents are quite low. Concern spread quickly in April when COVID-19 was identified in a Malayan tiger, followed by two African tigers and three African lions at the Bronx Zoo in New York. […]

What a dog did for us: In praise of coronavirus lockdown pet adoption

Is it okay to point out something good stemming from this pandemic? Pet adoptions are way, way up. It seems everyone and their uncle is getting one, even people who never thought they might. Continue reading at Daily News Photo Credit: Barry Williams for New York Daily News

Pet owners: Tips to keep your furry friends from catching coronavirus

(Gray News) – Pet owners likely have some questions since a pug in North Carolina tested positive for coronavirus, having contracted it from their family. Yes, pets can catch the coronavirus from humans, as happened to some zoo animals in New York, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said animals aren’t a significant […]

Dogs could ‘revolutionize’ coronavirus testing by sniffing out the disease

Dogs are being trained to sniff out the coronavirus at universities in Pennsylvania and in the UK — in what experts say could “revolutionize” screening for the deadly illness. The life-saving pooches will likely be used to screen people at airports, businesses and hospitals to prevent the pathogen from spreading, according to researchers at the […]