Pets and People Helping Each Other During the Pandemic

Even with the radical changes to daily life as many of us shelter in place, one thing has remained the same: our pets have a profoundly positive impact on our well being. Read more here about how pets are helping people during the pandemic.    

Why Veterinary Services are Essential During the Global Pandemic

With Americans at home with their pets all day and night, maintaining animal health has never been more important. Learn what veterinarians have to say about the essential services they provide.

Homebound with Your Dog? Follow These Tips for Keeping Fido Active

Homebound with Your Dog? Follow These Tips for Keeping Fido Active Social distancing means that many of the services and activities we rely upon to stay healthy and engaged have been put on pause. The same goes for your pets, who may not have access to dog parks, doggie day care, and other socializing activities. […]

Dog Fostering is Up, Helping People and Pets

Dog Fostering is Up, Helping People and Pets Around the country, Americans are turning to their pets for diversion and comfort during this time of uncertainty. And for many, sheltering in place has been a unique opportunity to explore the benefits companion animals by fostering pets. Read more here.

Advice about Coronavirus & Pets: Hear From a Veterinary Expert

  With the news changing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up with the best way to care for your pets when it comes to coronavirus.  A microbiologist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine answers your questions.

Healthy Livestock are the Cornerstone of Communities Worldwide

March 24 is National Ag Day, an annual recognition of the importance and role of agriculture in our daily lives. Globally, livestock contribute 40% of the value of agricultural output, which impacts the livelihoods of about 1.7 billion poor people. Additionally, keeping livestock healthy is essential for maintaining a safe and reliable food supply for […]

The Truth About Dogs and Coronavirus

As with any rapidly-changing public health challenge, new questions and answers arise constantly. Dog owners may have heard early speculation about transmission of Corona virus between humans and dogs. According to OIE, the World Organization for Animal Health, at this time there is no evidence that dogs play a role in the spread of this […]

CDC Advice about Pets & COVID-19

  Headlines and social media are filled with recommendations for staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what about your pets? In short, if you suspect you are sick, stay away from your pets, and follow these tips from the CDC. 

The Big Impact of Pets in America

Every day, animal lovers feel the positive impact pets have on their lives. Pets in America is also a big business: Americans spent over $75.5 billion on their pets in 2016, with an average total household spend of $892 on pet food, veterinary services, supplies, and other services. Learn more from the Animal Health Institute.

When Wildlife & Pets Make Each Other Sick

Just as people catch some types of illnesses from each other, animals can get sick after being exposed to other sick animals.  In California, cases of canine distemper are on the rise, and veterinarians are concerned that unvaccinated pet dogs can leave companion animals and wildlife exposed to the uncurable virus. “Our goal is to […]