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The science of reducing stress with dogs

Spending quality time with dogs reduces stress and increases the power of brain waves associated with relaxation and concentration, according to a study published on March 13, 2024 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Onyoo Yoo from Konkuk University, South Korea, and colleagues. Animal-assisted interventions, like canine therapy, are widely used in hospitals, schools, and beyond to […]

Animal Chronicles: Heartworm disease in our pets

You may have heard of heartworms, but what exactly are they and what health problems can they cause in pets? Heartworms are exactly that: long worms (up to 14 inches, in fact) that, in adulthood, live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an infected dog. These are very different than other types of parasitic […]

Six ways to get more joy with your dog

These simple exercises can foster a deeper connection with your pet and improve your mental health By Stacey Colino March 9, 2024 at 11:11 a.m. EST The human-dog connection runs deep. Dogs are so tuned in to their people that they catch their human’s yawns — even if they simply hear the yawn rather than see it. “The […]


By Randy Roughton U.S. Air Force Academy Strategic Communications U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – Cadet 3rd Class Nicolina Brown said she loves Go Team Therapy Crisis and Airport Dogs so much that she has a perfect answer whenever she’s late meeting friends. “I say, ‘you can’t blame me; there was a dog,’” Brown said. For 12 years, […]

3 Ways Owning A Pet Can Improve Your Love Life

Pets are considered to be part of the family for many households in the U.S., with around 66% having a “fur-baby” of some kind. Many studies have shown that owning a pet can be incredibly beneficial for individual well-being. However, recent research has focused on the intricate role pets can play in romantic relationships. While it […]

Pets and other animals can boost health and well-being

When Percy Lee has a bad day, he hangs out with his chinchilla, Rin. “She’s like emotional support for me,” says the 14-year-old. Percy, who lives near Kansas City, Kansas, and is the author’s nephew, particularly enjoys snuggling with Rin and watching her explore. “When I get upset and overwhelmed, playing with her is one […]

Healing hooves: Equine therapy raises spirits of Veterans

Ranger and Dare are in the therapy business. Like many of their peers, they spend their days working with kids, people with disabilities and Veterans… when not eating grass and alfalfa. Ranger and Dare are American miniature horses for a North Texas non-profit that brings equine therapy to those who cannot travel to their home […]

What golden retrievers are teaching us about cancer

In September, Sara Fritz lost her six-year-old golden retriever, Emma, to an especially aggressive cancer called hemangiosarcoma. As a pet parent, she was heartbroken. As a practicing veterinary oncologist, she was frustrated. More than 60 percent of golden retrievers will develop cancer in their lifetimes, compared to about 25 percent of other breeds. “All dogs can develop […]

How one rabid kitten triggered intensive effort to contain deadly virus

At first, Madeline Wahl thought her new kitten was having a bad reaction to medication for ringworm. After each dose, he would shake his head and flail his legs. She and her husband, Rich, had brought the kitten to their house in a historic neighborhood in Omaha after a friend found the stray meowing in her driveway. […]