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Do you know the signs of heart conditions in cats?

  Cats can have heart problems just like humans, but recognizing heart issues in cats can be tricky because they are good at hiding pain. Familiarize yourself with possible symptoms of common heart conditions and treatments to ensure a happy and healthy life for your cat.

Types of animal medicines

Medicines are essential for ensuring animal welfare, preventing diseases from passing between animals and humans, and protecting our food supply. Our industry’s products prevent, mitigate, and treat diseases that harm or endanger a wide range of domestic and food-producing animals. Check out what the American Veterinary Medicine Association says about animal medicines.

The best way to walk your dog

Walks are good for dogs and their owners, and it helps to approach walks with preparation and awareness of canine and human needs. Learn more.

Feline leukemia virus: what you need to know

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is the leading cause of illness and death in cats, and it’s highly contagious to other cats. Learn about the virus, how it’s transmitted, and how it’s treated .

Parasites are an On-going Issue for Pets

Pet owners should remain vigilant to the threat of fleas, ticks, and worms in their pets. Some of these pests can be transferred to people, so controlling them is a matter of household health, not just pet care.