Entries by Betsy Thibaut-Stephenson

Heat Resistant Vaccines Mean More Animals Will be Protected

When vaccines must be kept at cold, even subzero, temperatures, it can limit their use. Vaccines that remain effective at room temperature can significantly reduce treatment costs and improve animal health in warmer climates. Learn more about game-changing heat-resistant vaccines.

Climate, Fleas & Ticks, & Your Pet

Changing climate patterns means pests like fleas and ticks have longer life cycles and can live in places they avoided not so long ago. Regular visits to your veterinarian are essential to ensuring your pets remain up-to-date on routine care. Read more here.  

mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Animals Healthy, Too

The vaccines used to fight Covid-19 use mRNA technology, which can be applied to animal vaccines. mRNA safely equips the body to fight viruses without needing the virus itself. Learn more here.

New Animal Vaccines Can Protect Animals

Vaccines have always been a cost-effective way to protect animal health, and new animal vaccines and delivery methods can prevent the need for treatment. Learn more about new vaccines here.

Did You Know Cameras Can Help Keep Animals Healthy?

Remote monitoring such as cameras, microphones, and sensors can produce accurate, real-time data about animal wellbeing. This surveillance can be applied to livestock pens without the need for additional staff. For pets, smart collars enable owners to continuously monitor health data that can be used to optimize care. Learn more here.

Novel Approaches to Preventing and Treating Infections can Reduce the Need for Antibiotics

Alternatives to antibiotics target bacteria in a similar manner as antibiotics to cure bacterial infection. The animal health sector has taken significant action in recent years to improve the responsible use of antibiotics while researching potential alternatives, including ambient cold plasmas, which use laser-like devices to prevent and treat infections. Learn more here.

Bacteria Eating Viruses Can Reduce the Need for Antibiotics

Antimicrobial resistance is a significant global threat to human and animal health, and the animal health industry is aggressively researching new ways to target bacteria without using antibiotics. Bacteriophages can narrowly target specific bacteria to address infections. These ‘bacteria eaters’ are viruses that infect and destroy bacteria, which reduces the need for antibiotics. Learn more […]