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Does Your Pet Need to be on a Diet?

Just like people, a healthy weight for pets can lead to a longer life, fewer diseases, and reduced risk of bone and muscle injury. Pet owners should have an honest conversation with their veterinarian about their companion animal’s weight and pledge to provide healthy nutrition and exercise options for their furry friends.

Recognizing World Zoonosis Day

Zoonoses are diseases that can spread between animals and humans, such as avian flu, rabies, and Rift Valley Fever. Safeguarding animal health is a critical component of stopping the spread of zoonotic diseases. Learn more with this video.

Veterinarians Share Tips for Selecting a New Pet

Are you ready to take the plunge with a new furry, feathered, or fishy friend? If the time seems right, take steps to ensure you have the time, energy, space, and money for a pet. It’s important for you and your new companion. Learn what veterinarians have to say on the matter.

Understanding Your Pet’s Medications

Most pet owners are tasked with giving their pets medicine at one time or another. As always, talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s health needs, and take a minute to brush up on the common types of medicines your pet might take.

Keeping Pets Safe over July 4th

The food, fun, and fireworks of July 4th can frighten our pet friends. In fact, animal shelters see an uptick in activity on July 5th because so many pets flee the crowds and noise associated with holiday celebrations. Take steps to protect your pet and prevent heartache by following these recommendations from the American Veterinary […]

Out & About with Fido? Understand These Disease Risks

If you bring your dog with you to a social setting like a park or an event with lots of people and animals, you risk exposing your dog to diseases. These diseases can come from other animals or from the environment. In some cases, the diseases can travel from dogs to people. Understand the risks, […]

Artificial Intelligence for Faster Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence improves the speed and accuracy of diagnostics, sometimes providing real-time results. When veterinarians can determine the probability of disease before animals get sick, animals suffer less and treatment is more economical. Learn more here.

Parasites in Animals: The Best Treatment is Prevention

Climate change has allowed parasites to spread to new regions, posing a significant threat to global livestock. New methods of flea and tick control can slow the spread of these parasites while also address challenges of parasite resistance. Learn about innovations in parasite control.

The Digital Age of Animal Health

Scientific advances and emerging technologies provide greater opportunities to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat animal illness more quickly, accurately, and safely. Veterinary researchers and developers continue to break new ground in reducing disease spread and its impact; read more here.