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The Innovative World of Animal Nutrition

Just as humans have become more aware of and discriminating about what goes into their bodies, so have those in charge of nutritional decisions for animals. Companion animals have very different nutritional needs than performance animals such as horses, and the animal health industry is committed to delivering a wide range of nutritional products to […]

Animal Medicines Are Strictly Regulated

  Before they can be manufactured or marketed, animal medicines are subject to much of the same rigorous approval processes as human medicines. Once approved, animal medicines remain heavily regulated and are subject to strict laws that protect animals, humans, and the environment. Learn more

Five Immunizations That Are Changing the World

The discovery of the smallpox vaccine more than 200 years ago fundamentally changed the way we approach preventing and managing diseases, opening the door for revolutions in public health that have saved millions of lives. With vaccines in the news daily, we thought it might be useful to showcase a few vaccines that are not […]

Keeping Pets Healthy During the Pandemic

AHI Veterinarian Will McCauley, DVM, reminds pet owners of the importance of regular veterinary care, even in the pandemic. “Many vet clinics throughout the country have put the right protocols in place to keep you and your pets safe during the pandemic. A lot of them are doing curbside appointment offerings that you need to […]

Keep Your Pets Safe From Covid-19

It’s been almost a year since most of us first heard the term “Covid-19,” and our understanding of this highly infectious disease has been evolving ever since. When it comes to keeping pets safe and healthy in this pandemic, check out the latest from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.