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Why are my dog’s ears hot?

A dog’s ears can be an important indicator of its health. It’s normal for your pup’s ears to be warm, but if they are hot or inflamed, it might be a sign they need medical help. Learn about the causes of hot ears and what to do about it.

Stressed? A pet can help

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, research showed that pets improved the lives of their owners by reducing anxiety, depression, and PTSD; improving coping and social skills; and positively impacting development. As a result, pets can help their owners live longer by improving cardiovascular health and increasing physical activity. Pet owners are also more likely to connect […]

The U.S. animal health industry is a global leader

Animal health is among the most innovative industries in the country, and strong demand for U.S. products in foreign markets led to more than $2.5 billion in animal health exports in 2021. This production supports 4,366 direct jobs, which is 18.1% of all animal health manufacturing jobs. While the U.S. manufacturing sector experiences trade deficits, […]

Parasites are an on-going issue for pets

Pet owners should remain vigilant to the threat of fleas, ticks, and worms in their pets. Some of these pests can be transferred to people, so controlling them is a matter of household health, not just pet care.

Options for Flea & Tick Care

Oral parasiticides that control fleas and ticks are a simple and effective way to prevent parasites from getting comfortable on your pet and in your home.

Love Your Pet? See Your Vet!

Preventative care keeps pets healthy and improves their quality and length of life. It can also save pet owners money in the long run. Pets are skilled at hiding discomfort and pain, so don’t wait until they show signs of sickness or injury. Check out these tips for improving pet health while saving money.