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2010 Annual Sales


Washington, D.C., November 16, 2011 – Spending on products used to treat and prevent disease in companion and farm animals increased slightly in 2010.  Not adjusted for inflation, spending grew 8 percent, totaling nearly $6.9 billion, according to the Animal Health Institute’s Market Sales Report.

“While economic challenges remain, the improved sales show the continued need for protecting animal health.” said AHI President and CEO Alexander S. Mathews.  “Farmers and ranchers are part of the frontline of safeguarding human and animal health. Their use of animal medicines, including vaccines, help protect their herds and flocks while also protecting our food supply.”

The three product categories for animal health products are biologics, which increased 5 percent, pharmaceuticals, with a sales increase of nearly 9 percent and feed additives with a 10 percent increase in 2010.

America’s love for their companion animals also fueled growth in the animal healthcare sector. “Pet health is – and should be – important to pet owners.  Companion animals face many of the same health challenges we do, from diabetes to cancer. New innovations in medicine help provide longer, healthier lives for our pets,” said Mathews.

Animal medicines are a critical tool used by veterinarians to keep pets and food animals healthy.  Since some 60 percent of all known diseases are those that can pass between animals and humans, keeping animals healthy is a key to keeping humans healthy.  For more information about the connection between animal health and human health, please visit

The sales survey shows product sales in the three major product categories.  Raw sales data was provided to AHI by CEESA, a non-profit international association based in Belgium.  CEESA collects sales data on the animal health market in Europe as well.  Total sales for the entire U.S. animal health products industry were calculated based on projections made by AHI using CEESA data.  Sales are for products priced at the manufacturer’s level.  CEESA reporting companies represent 83 percent of the U.S. animal health products industry.

A report compiling sales and research and development data from 2008-2010 is available from AHI.  The report includes total combined sales figures of CEESA reporting companies and includes graphical representations of the data.  The report is $150 USD: copies can be ordered by contacting Marie Gilmore at the Animal Health Institute,, or (202) 637-2440.

AHI represents the manufacturers of animal health products – the pharmaceuticals, vaccines and feed additives used in modern food production, and the medicines that keep pets healthy.