AHI Congratulates the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service on its 50th Anniversary

With its mandate to protect and preserve America’s agricultural resources, the work of the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) overlaps with AHI’s mission in meaningful ways. Healthy and profitable agriculture is critical for our food supply and economy, and we share a dedication to keeping animals healthy.   If you have a […]

Better Diagnostics Means Better Animal Care

Accurate diagnostics curb the severity of animal disease by enabling more effective treatments and reducing the need for antibiotics. Microfluid technologies can bring diagnostics to the point of care. Analyzing extremely small volumes of fluid improves the chance of early detection and reduces the cost of care. Read more.

Love Your Pet? Visit the Vet

Animals rely on us to protect them from threats of disease and safeguard their wellbeing, and veterinarians are essential to helping pet owners keep animals healthy. Learn more.

Healthy Livestock Contributes to Safe & Affordable Food

The sixth annual Feeding the Economy report found that 7% of the nation’s economy and 29% of American jobs are linked to the food and agriculture sectors, either directly or indirectly. In 2021, the food and ag sector contributed a total of $3.01 trillion to the U.S. economy and exported $182.91 billion worth of goods. […]

Stopping Diseases Before They Spread

Early diagnosis can reduce the duration and intensity of treatment needed while also protecting other livestock on the farm. In the home, this helps reduce the risk of illness transfer between pets and the surrounding people. Learn about innovations in diagnostics.

Is Your Pet the Ideal Weight?

Pets love their treats, but make sure those treats don’t add up. Helping your pet maintain a proper weight is part of keeping your pet healthy. Learn more from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

New Animal Vaccines Can Protect Animals

Vaccines have always been a cost-effective way to protect animal health, and new animal vaccines and delivery methods can prevent the need for treatment. Learn more about new vaccines here.

Pets show their power during pandemic and elsewhere

Owning or bonding with pets provided an even more important benefit to human well-being than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The value of companionship and emotional support that pets provide has become more significant during the pandemic,” said Dr. Fane Cross, veterinarian at the Routt County Humane Society Wellness Clinic. “People have become attached to […]

Pets can help people stay sharp as they age, new study finds. Here’s how

Your dog or cat might be better for your health than you realize, a new study found — especially as you get older. The benefits of owning a pet have been touted by researchers for years. A companion animal has the potential to decrease anxiety and loneliness, improve heart health and combat allergies, studies have […]

It’s All Positive: International Study Links Pets with Human Health Benefits

The Human Animal Bond Research Institute surveyed 16,000 dog and cat owners and 1,200 veterinarians across eight countries and four continents and found that the human animal bond is strong, that pets positively impact their owners’ health, and that stronger bonds are connected to improved veterinary care around the world. Read more here.