Digital Technology Can Help Practitioners Treat Large Groups of Animals

Automation, greater connectivity, and more health data enables earlier diagnosis of animal disease and more accurate treatment. This allows veterinary medicine more efficiently and precisely offer individualized care to large groups of animals. Learn more here

UA campus sees spike in support animals during pandemic

Almost every morning when Jennalee Wilson wakes up, she is forced out of bed by her furry alarm clock, Cleo the calico cat. “I cannot get out of bed, it’s the biggest challenge of the day, but little Cleo will be sitting, and her bowl will be full, let me just state that,” Wilson said. […]

Discover the remarkable healing power of therapy cats

(BPT) – You’re probably familiar with therapy dogs visiting hospitals, schools, senior centers and nursing homes to help alleviate stress and provide comfort in times of need. But did you know that time spent with therapy cats provides scientifically proven emotional benefits as well? A white paper by Pet Partners found that therapy animals have been shown […]

We Know Our Dogs Love Us, But Do They Remember Us?

New research dives into the nature and depth of canine memory. Take a look into what we believe dogs remember, and what we’re not so sure about.

Animal Medicines are Tightly Regulated

Before they can be manufactured or marketed, animal medicines are subject to the same rigorous approval processes as human medicines. Once approved, animal medicines remain heavily regulated and are subject to strict laws that protect animals, humans, and the environment. Watch more here.

Positive News: Pets & the Brain

According to a new study, “…pets could buffer or have a protective effect on older adults’ cognition and we think it has to do with some of the mechanism related to stress buffering,” said Jennifer Applebaum, a doctoral candidate in sociology and National Institutes of Health predoctoral Fellow at the University of Florida. Read more.

AHI Celebrates Veterinarians

AHI Celebrates Veterinarians   Animals rely on us to protect them from threats of disease and safeguard their wellbeing. Around the world, veterinarians are essential workers who help pet owners and livestock producers keep animals healthy, which in turn helps keep humans healthy.   The reach and impact of veterinarians can be hard to grasp […]

Healthy Animals for a Healthy Future

Understanding the role of agriculture in climate is paramount, and finding solutions to minimize environmental impact is a priority. We know that improving animal welfare through new medicines is the key that unlocks efficient livestock production, more sustainable farming practices, and reduced emissions from animals.

Fleas & Ticks & Climate Change

Changes in weather and climate has led to changes in how we manage parasites like fleas and ticks. Learn about the animal health industry’s efforts in this space.

World Animal Vaccine Day Spotlights a Key Tool in Animal Health

For farmers, veterinarians, and pet owners, vaccines provide essential protections against illness. Vaccines are foundational to any animal health program, with the benefits extending even to public health. Animals protected against zoonotic diseases are less likely to transfer disease to people. This is especially important for a disease like rabies, which still kills nearly 60,000 […]