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The animal health market reached a new high in 2021 driven by increased demand for protein food, prevalence of zoonotic and food-borne diseases, advancements in medications, and pet ownership. While most industries have suffered losses since the COVID-19 outbreak, the animal health industry has accelerated.

The 2021 global animal health market is estimated to be $39.9 billion. With $13.8 billion in sales, the U.S. accounts for nearly one third of the global market. Animal health products make up about 2% of the total U.S. biopharmaceutical spending, with $13.8 billion for animal health products compared to $574 billion for human medicines.

Caring for Our Animal Companions

Animal health products protect pet health, and pets improve the mental and physical wellbeing of their human caretakers. During the pandemic, the emotional benefits of pets increased.

Products for a Wide Range of Species

We serve nearly 400 million companion animals such as dogs, cats, service animals, and horses. We also protect the health of more than 10 billion food-producing animals like cattle, pigs, and chickens.

Total Economic Impact

The animal health industry contributes to the U.S. economy through jobs wages, and taxes. It is also a catalyst for economic activity generated by industries that rely on healthy animals, like animal production, meat and dairy product manufacturing, veterinary services, and pet services.

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