Keep Pets Safe During Halloween Fun

Our pets are like family, so naturally we want to include them in one of the most fun holidays of the year, right? Depending on your pet, Halloween can be overwhelming or present too many opportunities for mischief. Avoid the drama by checking out these simple tips to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Benefits of Living With Companion Animals for Patients With Advanced Cancer

Living with cancer is stressful enough without patients having to consider the possibility of giving up their beloved pets. Even people who are not ill will say that their pet gives them a reason to get up in the morning, to go outside for a walk, to prepare food at mealtime, or simply to enjoy […]

Stopping the Spread of African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever spreads rapidly and has extremely high mortality rates. While the virus is no threat to human health, it could devastate America’s swine, pork, and food supply. The animal health industry is working to develop vaccines to protect pigs from this terrible disease. Learn more here.

Why is My Cat Shaking?

A trembling kitty may need a trip to the veterinarian. Cats can shake for many reasons, some more severe and time-sensitive than others, so it’s essential to know the signs and differences. Read here to understand the signs to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Dog owner good news: Petting your dog may lead to stronger memory and better problem solving skills

Petting a dog leads to increased brain activity, researchers in Switzerland have found — and thus petting a dog and observing it may increase your focus and attention. That’s according to a study recently published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. Lead study author Rahel Marti, a Ph.D. student in clinical psychology and animal-assisted interventions at the University […]

The Future of Animal Health

Animal diseases never rest – they constantly evolve and trigger a ripple effect that impacts animal welfare, human health, and the economy. Disease outbreaks among livestock can threaten food security and trade, and increased pet ownership and companion animal bonding inspires the need for improved pet care solutions. Learn about the future of vaccines, parasiticides, […]

Intestinal Parasites in Dogs

Parasites might be living in your dog right now. Some parasites provide health benefits, such as helping to break down food or regulate chemicals. But unfortunately, some parasites can harmfully impact on your dog’s health, and can even be spread to humans. Read more about where dogs might pick up intestinal parasites, treatment, and prevention.

The Power of Pets: Having an Animal to Love Provides Health Benefits

If you’ve ever thought that your dog can sense when you’re stressed or struggling, new research says your suspicions are likely true. A new study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that dogs can detect stress in humans. In fact, researchers found that dogs detected the changes with more than 90% accuracy. The dogs […]

Cats & Heartworms

Though it’s less common for cats to have heartworms than dogs, all indoor and outdoor cats are susceptible to the disease, which is transmitted through infected mosquitoes. Unlike dogs, there is no FDA approved treatment for heartworms in cats. Learn more here.

Cattle Health: When a Tick Bite Can Be Deadly

Internal and external parasites can lead to serious disease or death in cattle. Anaplasmosis is a blood cell parasite that is transmitted from ticks. Cows infected with anaplasmosis become anemic, weak, and die. Controlling ticks is essential to warding off this serious, costly disease. Learn more here.