World Rabies Day

Around the world, 60,000 people die around each year from rabies, most of them children under the age of 15. Every single one of these deaths is preventable. Administering the effective vaccine to dogs can stop the spread of this deadly infection. The Global Alliance of Rabies Control has set a goal for rabies elimination […]

What are Zoonotic Diseases & Why do They Matter?

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened global awareness of zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that move between animals and humans. Developing and administering vaccines to slow the spread of these diseases is a public health priority. In the U.S., the rabies vaccine for pets is an undeniable success story. Learn more about why it’s so important […]

Winners of the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest 2022

The Animal Health Institute congratulates Louis the dog, Kit the cat, and Charlie the horse for winning the 2022 Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest.   “The human-animal bond keeps getting stronger and stronger, which is why we enjoy celebrating this connection with the Cutest Pets Contest,” said Alex Mathews, President and CEO of AHI. […]

Safer Food Starts With Healthy Animals

    To prevent outbreaks of food born bacterial infections such as Salmonella and Campylobacter farmers, food processors, and consumers are encouraged to practice good hygiene such as washing hands, surfaces, and utensils and avoiding cross-contamination. But what if we could address the bacteria before it contaminated food products? Animal health companies are investing in […]

Stronger Communities Start with Pets

Did you know that when you have a pet, it can help you strengthen your relationships with other people? And by extension, those pets can strengthen communities. Learn more here.

Understanding Cancer in Pets Can Help Human Cancer Research

Cancer is a leading cause of death for cats and dogs. Since domesticated cats and dogs share 85% of the same DNA as humans, and we are all susceptible to many of the same diseases, accordingly, research into cancer in cats and dogs can provide clues about human illnesses. As with people, cancer develops over […]

Who has the Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill?

A Vote for Pets is a Vote for a Healthy Future! Cast your vote for your favorite pet today.

Why Do Dogs Stare at People?

Dog owners, have you ever wondered why your dog stares at you? Are they curious? Concerned? Attempting to impart information? Yes, to all of the above. Learn more here.

Digital Tools Mean Faster Answers From Your Veterinarian

Digital Tools Mean Faster Answers From Your Veterinarian   Technology that enables monitoring and diagnostics can serve as the voice for animals who otherwise cannot communicate how they are feeling. For instance, smart collars help owners understand their animals’ typical behavior patterns such as exercise or feeding levels, which allows them to take action when […]

Pets & Our Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, loneliness. The headlines are filled with reminders of the sad state of America’s mental health. Yet animals are an effective antidote to these emotional ailments. Read more here.