Twenty Percent of Dogs Experience Some Form Ear Disease

The shape of dogs’ ear canals makes them more susceptible to ear infections, which can be caused by bacteria, yeast, or ear mites. Dog owners may notice head shaking, scratching, or discharge that indicate an infection. Your veterinarian can relieve the pain and prevent the spread of infection. Unfortunately, most treatments involve touching the affected […]

A Vote for Pets is a Vote for a Healthy Future!

The Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest is open! Cast your vote for your favorite pet today.

Why Do We Love Our Pets?

It’s no secret, people love their pets. The human-animal bond is stronger than ever before, but have you every wondered why? While cuteness and fun are important, they don’t account for the deep attachments we feel for our pets. Psychologists have studied the love between humans and animals, which is detailed here.

Public Health Student Explores Benefits of Using Pot-bellied Pigs in Animal Therapy

Anastasia “Anya” Smith, a public health senior at The University of Toledo, fell in love with the two pot-bellied pigs her brother brought to the family’s farm in Monroe, Mich. Then, her mind shifted to her research project on the benefits of animal therapy. “With how cute and friendly they were, I thought they’d be […]

The Power of Companion Animals and The Benefits of Fostering a Pet

Kristen Tump found remarkable success in her emerging business career but felt something was missing. That “something” was discovered eight years ago when she adopted her cat, Maddie, from Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter in Deerfield. As a child, Kristen always wanted to work with animals, originally going to school as a pre-veterinary student. […]

Healthy Animals Are More Sustainable

  The health of all animals is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of people and planet. Healthier animals need fewer natural resources, allowing them to provide more food, labor, fertilizer, companionship, and assistance for less feed, water, and land. Their contribution is central to efforts toward achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) […]

The Benefits of Pets

  We’re happier and healthier when we’re around animals—it’s been scientifically proven. With 95% of dog and cat owners considering their pets part of the family, it’s no wonder the human-animal bond is stronger than ever before. Learn more about the many ways pets enhance our lives.

Arthritis in Dogs, a Painful, Progressive Condition with No Cure

  Older dogs, large breeds, and overweight dogs are all prone to arthritis, a joint disease that results in pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, and the development of bone spurs. While any joint in the body can develop osteoarthritis, the condition most commonly affects the limbs and lower spine. Symptoms are not often apparent […]

Celebrate International Cat Day

If you know, you know. Proud cat owners understand the benefits of their feline companions, but in case you have your doubts, check out these benefits of cat ownership as we celebrate International Cat Day.

Feline Asthma, a Progressive Condition with No Cure

If your cat wheezes, coughs, or hacks, it may have asthma. Symptoms can vary in intensity, ranging from acute respiratory crises to chronic, low-grade coughing, elevated respiratory rate, or increased respiratory effort. Flare-ups can vary in intensity from mild to life threatening. Although cats can never be truly “cured” of asthma, by carefully monitoring their […]