Sustainability & Animal Health

When we improve animal welfare, we also improve sustainability and reduce emissions.   Healthy animals are simply more productive, which improves the efficiency of the food system. Animals that struggle with disease require more resources to aid in their recovery, and they may never produce as much as if they had never fallen ill.   […]

Do You Have Questions about Antibiotic Use in Animals? We Have Answers

  Is it safe to use antibiotics in pets and livestock? Why are antibiotics used in animals? How is the management of antibiotics in animals different than in people? Find the answers here.

Phytogenic, or Plant-based, Feeds for Animals

Did you know that plants with anti-bacterial properties can be added to animal feed to improve immunity and protect against specific diseases? Learn more here.

Understanding Antibiotic Use in Animals

Antibiotic resistance is an important public health issue that all sectors using antibiotics must work together to address. Learn about how these important medicines are used in animals under the care of veterinarians.

Progress Toward Reducing the Need for Antibiotics

Animal health companies are ahead of schedule in delivering on commitments to address antibiotic resistance, which includes developing new vaccines. The industry has also helped train 650,000 veterinarians and invested billions in veterinary research in the past two years as part of an industry-wide strategy to help reduce the need for antibiotics, a HealthforAnimals progress […]

No, Hippos Are Not People, Too

Recently, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) claimed that a group of hippos in Columbia were the first animals to be designated as persons by a U.S. Court. Well, not so fast. As explained in an analysis by Phil Goldberg of the law firm Shook, Hardy and Bacon, the court did no such thing. Other […]

Probiotics Can Boost Animal Immunity

When added to animal feed, probiotics can prevent disease and target specific health challenges, such as mastitis in cows. Probiotics can also increase immunity, reduce gut bacteria, and help balance digestive systems. Learn more here.

AHI Applauds Passage of Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

A digital revolution in animal health is underway as new technologies are developed to predict, monitor, and diagnose animal disease.  The development of these digital technologies puts new tools in the hands of veterinarians and animal owners to help prevent illnesses and manage health conditions before they occur. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize […]

Creating a Disaster Preparedness Plan for your Pet

  If disaster strikes, our pets are even more dependent on us than usual. With their health and safety in our hands, it’s important to create a disaster preparedness plan for your pets, just as you would your family. You can start by assembling an emergency kit that includes some of the following: A carrier […]

The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

When considering adopting a pet, we’re naturally attracted to fluffy kittens and playful puppies, but adopting a senior pet offers unique advantages. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month; learn more about the special rewards of senior pets.