Veterinarians ready to serve pets of military community

After a nine-month hiatus, the Redstone Arsenal Veterinary Treatment Facility is open, and the staff is working to get the word out and let people know. “We’re back. We’re up and running and we’ve got our staffing going, and we are excited to serve the community and help out the retirees and active duty personnel,” […]

Closing the Digital Divide Helps Us All

Closing the digital divide will help communities unlock and improve opportunities in health, modern food production, and overall economic growth. AHI is a proud member of the American Connection Project Policy Coalition, which is dedicated to expanding broadband access across the country. We are excited to share news of the coalition’s latest endeavor, the launch […]

One Health & Earth Day

People, animals, and the planet are all connected. As we recognize Earth Day, learn more about the concept of One Health, a global initiative that encourages collaboration across medical and environmental fields to mitigate against potential problems and identify health solutions at the nexus of people, animal, and planet.

All dogs are ‘therapy dogs’

Most researchers believe dogs are sensitive to our behaviors, body language and emotions. Many times, these four-legged therapists offer comfort when we need them the most. A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out our 7-year-old Lab Teddy’s toy basket, and when I pulled out seven tug-of-war toys I immediately slumped, then sighed and fought […]

The Innovative World of Animal Nutrition

Just as humans have become more aware of and discriminating about what goes into their bodies, so have those in charge of nutritional decisions for animals. Companion animals have very different nutritional needs than performance animals such as horses, and the animal health industry is committed to delivering a wide range of nutritional products to […]

Staying Safe Around Pets Keeps People & Animals Healthy

Almost all dog and cat owners consider their pets to be like a part of the family. But that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to treat pets the way you would treat human household members. It’s important to maintain cleanliness and supervise the ways in which people – especially children – interact with pets. The […]

Animal Medicines Are Strictly Regulated

  Before they can be manufactured or marketed, animal medicines are subject to much of the same rigorous approval processes as human medicines. Once approved, animal medicines remain heavily regulated and are subject to strict laws that protect animals, humans, and the environment. Learn more