Local volunteers taking therapy dogs to Boulder to provide comfort to community

COLORADO SPRINGS — Handling the tragedy of Monday’s mass shooting in Boulder can be hard for many, but a locally-founded group is hoping to provide comfort for the community one pet at a time. Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport dogs and their handlers have been making trips to Boulder after the deadly shooting that […]

Prevention that Works: Protect Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks

They may be tiny, but they can cause a world of trouble. Fleas and ticks can make your cats and dogs uncomfortable, and they can also spread potentially debilitating disease to humans like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. More about staying ahead these problematic pests.

Therapy Dogs at Forest Glen Middle Bring More than Comfort to Students and Teachers

Each day over the last three years, the peer counseling teacher at Forest Glen Middle School has brought two of man’s best friends into the workplace. Great Danes Brutus and Bodhi are staples at the school, and owner Shawna Meyer said even Principal Forsman likes to check in with them now and then. The dogs, part of […]

Five Immunizations That Are Changing the World

The discovery of the smallpox vaccine more than 200 years ago fundamentally changed the way we approach preventing and managing diseases, opening the door for revolutions in public health that have saved millions of lives. With vaccines in the news daily, we thought it might be useful to showcase a few vaccines that are not […]

One Health in Action – Reducing Disease Risk for Youth in Agriculture

Sometimes we get a stark reminder of how closely the health of people is tied to the health of animals. In 2011, when there was an outbreak of viral infections among youth who had been exposed to pigs at agricultural fairs, the CDC and USDA stepped into action to apply a One Health approach to […]