Staying Focused on the Fight Against Rabies

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened global awareness of zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that move between animals and humans. Developing and administering vaccines to slow the spread of these diseases is a public health priority. Some illnesses, like rabies, already have effective vaccines, and we are well on our way to eliminating this deadly infection. […]

Pets linked to maintaining better mental health and reducing loneliness during lockdown, new research shows

Sharing a home with a pet appeared to act as a buffer against psychological stress during lockdown, a new survey shows. Most people who took part in the research perceived their pets to be a source of considerable support during the lockdown period. (23 March—1 June, 2020) The study—from the University of York and the […]

Winners of the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest Announced

Animal lovers in Washington, D.C. tuned into a video announcement of the winners of the 12th annual Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest.  The announcement was hosted virtually to continue the tradition of celebrating the pets of Capitol Hill, an especially important event during the pandemic, when our relationships with companion animals has taken on […]

Survey Says We Could Not Survive This Pandemic Without Pets

Many other pet owners seem to agree. A recent survey conducted on behalf of Zoetis Petcare has found that 72 percent of pet owners believe they would not be getting through this mess without their pet(s). The survey was done with dog and cat owners specifically, but I’m sure fish, birds, reptiles and livestock have […]

Who Will Win?

All pets are winners, but only a select few have the distinction of being the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill. Voting has closed for this year’s contest, but please tune in to learn the winners on Thursday, September 10 at 5:00 Eastern time during the Pet Week virtual announcement.

Pets boosting morale during coronavirus pandemic, study says

FOX NEWS – All the time spent together with pets has 7 in 10 pet owners feeling like they actually know their pet a lot better since the pandemic began, according to new research. Many have noticed some behavioral changes, too — 6 in 10 respondents, to be exact, said they’ve noticed their pet acting […]

Who Has The Cutest Pet on Capitol Hill?

Check out #ouressentialcompanions and help chose the cutest dog, cat, and exotic pet on Capitol Hill by voting in the Cutest Pets contest today! Vote Now!