Animal Drug Compounding Guidance Will Protect Veterinarians and their Patients

Safe and effective medicines are important tools for veterinarians.  While approval by the Food and Drug Administration provides these guarantees of safety and effectiveness, an approved drug is not always available to treat an animal condition.  In these instances, veterinarians need access to compounded medicines.  But current lack of regulation of compounding can put animals […]

‘Dudes and Dogs’ program aims to help men talk about mental health

When Rob Osman feels anxious or depressed, he takes his dog for a walk. He realized dogs could help other men, too. Continue reading at Today Photo Credit: Rob Osman    

Healthy Pet Habits

Properly caring for the animals in our life ensures happy, healthy pets and also keeps people healthy. Learn  more from the Centers for Disease Control.

Children & Pets: A Positive Pairing

When children and animals come together, magic can happen. This is no coincidence – research shows that growing up with pets is linked to higher self-esteem, cognitive development, and social skills. Learn more here.

The Deep Importance of the Human-Animal Bond

Animal lovers don’t need scientific research to tell them what they already know: animals bring love, laughter, and fun to our lives, which provides tremendous value. Animals have been essential to our daily lives for thousands of years, and the human-animal bond has been extensively studied. No surprise, the benefits are immense; read more here.